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I have recently bought some Ammonites and gemstones that I'd like to embed into a gourd.  Can anyone tell me the best way to embed a fossil that has a curved back into a gourd?

I also bought some cabochons and would like to suspend them from an opening in a gourd, does anyone know a way to do that?  I think I've heard of embedding the cabochon in a resin but not sure how to do that - any suggestions?

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The resin is in the same aisle as candle-making and soap making supplies. You have to really look for it! They had 4 resin mold sheets and only three resin products, only one of which was the crystal clear. They also have it somewhere in the models section but I never did find it there.

Your story brought back memories...I had an uncle that started off making resin paperweights and ended making toilet seats with sea shells embedded in them. I thought the process was pretty neat then, but didn't think much of the toilet seats even at 12. LOL!

The stage that Margaret is cutting with scissors is before it's fully hardened. She mentions about not touching the front edges because it is still relatively soft at that stage. It's hard by the time she is drilling. Definitely don't drill at the semi hard stage or your piece will be filled with half embedded crumbs! LOL! That is a really nice tutorial.
haha.....I'm surprised my grandma and grandpa didn't do toilet seats. They discovered this product and encased just about everything in almost every shape you can imagine. I was a little kid then. Wish I had some of their wisdom and no how, now......LOL
Thank you very much for that link
It's a very good tutorial,
I'm just trying with resin but not that way
I'd like to fill holes with resin, so light will come throughout but it's very difficult because resin is very liquid
Do somebody have any idea?
Lynette that site is no longer there........boo hoo do you have any other links.
Pascale, You could pour oversized pieces and glue them to the back sides of the holes you want to cover. Another thing you could try is using some of the green painter's tape to cover the holes (one at a time since the gourd is round) and pour into the holes. The green painters tape is supposed to react with liquid and block any seepage of liquid. I'm not sure it's available in your country???

The resin can be used with a color kit too if you want something other than clear.
thank for your answer
I've tried to glue hard resin to the back side but it didn't work
I dont' knowgreen painter's tape, Is this the scoth you use to protect when you paint?
Is it available on Bonnie Gibson'site?
Yes, it is similar to the Scotch blue tape, but is the newer green colored tape.

I don't think Bonnie G. carries it but is available at all hardware stores here. I don't know if Belgium has it but it should be available to be purchased on-line from any site that carries Scotch products.
Thanks a lot Bonnie,
I will look at it

Frog tape works great. (and it's green) :)

You can also use duct tape (the gray tape). I have used it when pouring Inlace and it works good.
Here are the instructions from Margaret Shingler 2007 for using Resin to Set Centers or imbed objects in Resin. I've put the first three pages here and will put the next two pages on a second comment line.
Here are the last two pages of the instructions from Margaret Shingler 2007 for using Resin to Set Centers or imbed objects in Resin


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