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I just read the email about the GAE site shutting down..  This is terrible!!!!  

Loretta Smith and I would happily each donate $25 to help offset the website fee.   Are there others out there who would be willing to donate funds as well?   If everyone kicked in something we could keep this valuable resource.  

Kim Black

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Thank you very much to Loretta Smith who very kindly donated $25 towards keeping the GAE site online.  Your contribution is much appreciated!  

Thank you Bonnie for keeping this site going. It is a happy day for me.  I visit this site at least once  a day or more.I will be donating to AGS as often as I can. Thanks again for all you do for us.

If you folks haven't gone through your "favorite's" albums lately take some time and look at them again. There is just so many different things to learn, remember and be inspired by on this site and so easy to jump around on. Thanks again to Bonnie!

I have been away lately but am back. I would hate to see this site shut down. It is not only a wealth of information but a source of inspiration. There are some really talented artists on this site. Many of which I now consider friends. I have not posted photos ad they all seem to be distorted.

Hi there I am new to this and i got a message from a Frank Kwabena stating he needed to speak with me about something important and asked me to email him at his personal email. I am guessing this is spam and would like to know if anyone knows this person and can verify he is legit?? 

Hi Caroline, Thanks for letting me know. He has been kicked off of the site.

If you google his name it is connected to lots of scams over the years.


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