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I just read the email about the GAE site shutting down..  This is terrible!!!!  

Loretta Smith and I would happily each donate $25 to help offset the website fee.   Are there others out there who would be willing to donate funds as well?   If everyone kicked in something we could keep this valuable resource.  

Kim Black

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I would hate to see the site offend. There's so much information available here. I have to admit that often on Tips and Tricks I just want to say "look it up on GAE" and I have at times. As photo more it or I've been disappointed with the waning posts. They are such an inspiration. If AGS took it over it would be great! I would contribute as well, to keep the site active too. Bonnie, this site has been such a great resource for all levels of gourd-heads and I personally thank you for it!

I wouldn't mind keeping it going if people actually used it. It's only a small group that bother to post.

Me too - but still the problem of who is willing to run the site......  love this site...

It would be a shame to see it go by the wayside but, the news doesn't suprise me. I've often recommend it on several of the FB sites only to have several people complain they couldn't maneuver the site or couldn't get instant feedback. I guess everything has its time.
It would be nice if AGS picked up. Thanks for keeping the light on for as long as you have Bonnie.

Kim, I think you hit the nail on the head. Since Facebook groups has taken off most of the others have showed a significant decline in participation. That is the reason that my Yahoo group that was started in 2003 moved over to Facebook. There comes a point in time that you have to read the writing on the wall & move on to what the latest trend is. People want instant feedback rather than waiting for a response which may never come. I put off for years getting involved in Facebook but it really has taken over for most of the Yahoo groups & others like this. It's too bad but as you said everything has it's time & perhaps one day "the next big thing" will come along but I think social networking sites like Facebook aren't going away anytime soon & right now that is where all the activity is & the other thing that makes Facebook so popular is that it doesn't cost anything to run a group. But with all the good things about Facebook there are always some downsides which require time & people to help run the groups & keep them safe from spammers & hackers.

Greetings all! Just received the message about the site going down. I apologize for not being very active on this site. I have my own site and FB page that I maintain along with working. But I would be bummed out that the GAE site would go down. It does have a lot of information that I have used in the past, and everyone has been extremely helpful.

What can I do to help?

I will donate funds towards keeping it open.

What type of maintaining is needed?  If someone can send me a duties list I can take a look and see if I can do them. 


Thank you for all your work. It was here for us when little else was available. I understand the dilemma tho. It is not an easy job to manage a site and with so many self managing sites like Pinterest and Facebook coming available, maybe the time has come. Appreciate all you do.



Perhaps I'm overly optimistic, but I think we might find interest at AGS and/or AZGS or even OPGP in keeping it going, however it seems like the site will shut down before any of those organizations will meet and have an opportunity to discuss it.

I honestly don't think the site fee would be much of an issue, as I believe we could find more than a dozen people or patches or state societies who would be willing to chip in $20 a year for the site. As to what it would take for site management and maintenance, I have no clue, since I have no experience in that arena.

If we had patches or societies across the country helping fund it, we could also use them to encourage their members to use it and to think of new and creative ideas to attract visitors.

Gordon Douglas

I just read your email Bonnie and as everybody else was very sad about this.

I've learned a lot from here, and would like to help to keep it active, not everybody has a Facebook account.

I agree, I would be willing to donate.  I don't have a Facebook account nor do I plan on setting one up. I love this site.

I'll kick in $25, too! Bonnie, I don't often post, but I read it and gain information! It's a great site.

We are missing a point here -- a Gourd Raiser to get the funds to not only keep it open but also -- why not -- PAY BONNIE FOR HER TIME running this.  We all take her for granted. Bonnie gives her heart and soul to the gourd world. She should be compensated for designing and running this web site. I don't know how much is appropriate, but I would say AT LEAST $200 a month. That's $2400  a year.  With all the members and gourd patches, we could do this. Voluntary donations, not mandatory subscriptions. Not everyone can pay.

Thank you Donna for your sentiments, but I have no need or desire to be paid. I consider this to be my public service to the gourding community. I have added a donate button on the home page for those that want to support both GAE Nd the AGS.


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