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Ok, I have a question for everyone. What new or different materials have you used on a gourd? I weave on gourds and am experimenting with different types of materials to weave on top of my gourds. I am working with metal and leather right now. Will show a picture when I finish.

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Sorry Sandy, I must have still been typing when you sent your very similar reply to Katie. Well, we were thinking alike anyway! LOL!

Sandra ( Sandy) Phillips said:
Katie, I had the same idea of inlaying a feather, so I took a turkey feather and carefully sprayed the entire feather with a clear acrylic. It seems spraying the feather keeps it from "moving"...does that makes sense? this makes the feather stiff but looks natural. Then it's possible to draw arount it for the inlay. I had planned on trying it, just for fun. I have several feathers I have sprayed and am just waiting to do this right after Christmas. of course my feathers would just be feathers, not with any wonderful painting like your.
When you paint on a feather ( and by the way you do beautiful work) do you seal it with a brush , or do you use a spray?

Katie Cisco said:
I am trying to find a method of inlaying feathers... I paint turkey feathers and would love to do an inlay and find some type of sealing process that won't ruin the feather or shape of it....I have tried a couple resins , but so far no luck......They darken the feather and makes it look mushy....but I will keep trying....lol
Bonnie and Sandy..Both ideas will be tried after the holidays...Thank you for the suggestions...
Sandy , depending on the design on feather ...I sometimes will only brush a high gloss on certain parts of the painted area..Like wolf eyes....Something that needs a highlight pop....I always do a satin or matt spray after feather is painted....

Can't wait to try these suggestions...My mind is going wild again..lol Thanks
Good Morning Marianne

I grow broom corn to use on the rims of my gourds. It's colorful and interesting stuff to weave.
I made several brooms with broom corn, but never thought about using them for rims. I have some here. maybe I will try that. Thanks for the comment.
Could you explain to me what is the RIM of a gourd because I don't find the translation
Thanks a lot
The rim is the top edge of something.
Thanks Bonnie
If you drill holes around the top of the gourd you can stitch a material to the top or around the top edge of the gourd or the rim. In a basket woven on top of a gourd, the top of the basket is the rim and needs a technique that keeps the basket from coming apart. Hopes this helps.
Hi Marianne!

One of the most fun rims I have done were out of kudzu! You have to cut and use it green. Cut the sticks about the size of your thumb and a foot or so long. At one end cut a cross or X into it and start pealing the wood back. Cut some more and peal back until you have a bunch of small curls of wood. Weave them in bunches around the rim of the gourd and it looks like the cutest birds nest. Hmmm maybe I need to go to the woods before the Florida show! I haven't made one of these gourds in so long. I woodburned a wren on a gourd and did that rim once. Sold it to the first lady that walked into the booth.
Ha! I had completely forgotten...
I would love to see a picture of that. sounds interesting. does the kudzu shrink? One time I made a kudzu and it shrank terribly.
It does shrink some. I'm trying to remember as I type. It seems like I waited a day to weave it. I split it down to tiny feathery curls before weaving so it was surely dry before I put it on the gourds. I think I will dye some with my dyes this time. The Gourd Dye works great on wood so it should be interesting. Maybe even dye several batches different colors and then mix them before weaving! Oh I'm getting excited!
OK karen, I think the next book I will work on is using natural materials in weaving and on gourds. Be sure and take a good picture when you make one and let me see it. I would like to have an extensive gallery in the book.


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