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I had a question about using coconut fiber.  I used it on my gourd Pacific Northwest posted in one of my photo albums.  The coconut fiber comes from the Caning shop.  It comes as a roll of rope.  I cut a piece and soak it in water and then cut it in pieces about 3 inches in length.  You don't need to measure it, approximate is good.  I take the pieces and pull them apart into individual fibers.  It's not a neat process, you will have to tug and pull and you will not have neat piles which is ok.  When I weave the rim ( I usually use seagrass as the main weaving material) I add a small bundle of the coconut fiber with each stitch. Just keep doing that to the end of your weaving.  You can straighten  it out a bit as you go along.  If you want a really wild look just leave it alone at that point.  I usually use wide masking tape and tape it loosely down a bit and let it dry overnight in that position so it isn't so all over the place.  But each gourd is different so just experiment.

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I have 10 tons of coconut fibre, as I have a coconut business. If you want to clean it, you can have it for free after paying for shipping. Would you like one or two tons...seriously...

Two tons is way too much, let alone 10.  I'm not sure what I would do with 10 pounds of it.


Hi Nora, teasing of course. Let me know though if you would like some..

For now I think I will stick to use the pre-cleaned coconut fiber cord, but it is intriguing!


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