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Could someone tell me the technique to carving the wave look into gourds?  Went to the North Carolina gourd show and bought some thick gourds that I would like to try this on.  What tools are you using to do this technique?  Thank you

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Check Bonnie Gibson's website Arizonagourds.com.  She may have a tutorial there.  She is the one that got everyone started with that technique.

Thanks Cheryl, but that was the first place I went.  There wasn't any.

Complete carving and painting instructions are in my "Gourds" book. 

Cathy, you are in Ohio, too bad you couldn't jump the border to MI and have caught Bonnie's classes there this weekend at the MI Festival of Gourds;}.

Oh, I would have loved that!  Was in NC visiting my brother and went to the gourd show there.

Bonnie, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your instructions are exactly what I needed.  I'm so glad I have your book.

Arline Erickson

Camarillo, CA


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