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Brusho watercolor crystals are watercolor paint in a very small crystal (looks like powder) form. I found in order to get the crystal paint to adhere and show up on slick gourds, you need to paint the gourd with flat white or very light colored matte spray paint or use gesso. Then using a large brush wet the whole gourd with water and sprinkle on the crystals. Then you can mist more water(mist lightly) and sprinkle another color. Keep doing this until you like the looks. Use as little water as possible to keep the color from washing out. It usually dries lighter, Let dry(I let it dry overnight) then spray 2 coats of Kamar sealer. If you want it matte, then after the Kamar dries, spray with Krylon matte sealer. I am sure other products would work but these are what I have tried.
You can also mix the crystals with water and use them like any other watercolor paints.
I do have some Brusho for sale. You can find my email and phone number on www.texasgourdsociety.org under "about us" then click "meet the team".
Hope this helps. Shelia Guidry

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