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I have made several thunder drums using the synthetic membrane from Ron Swank and that works great, but I am making an ocean drum and wanted to use the rawhide for it and wanted to ask if you can just glue it around the rim like on a thunder drum or do you need to go up the sides of the gourd some?  

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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The method for tightening the drum skin is different for goat skin and makes it necessary to attach it over the sides of the gourd, not just along the edge/opening. Cut the rawhide 5" larger than the circumference of the shell. Soak the drum skin in cool water for an hour until it is flaccid. Poke holes 1" apart for lacing upholstery tacks. Apply white glue to the rim of the drum shell, center the skin over the opening, tighten the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and lace or tack the rawhide in place pulling a little at a time.  Place where it can dry gradually.

Thank you so much Terry!!!  That helps a lot!!!


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