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Hey, guys, I know there are some of you who carve other things. My daughter in law has an ostrich egg and wants me to do something with it for her birthday. I have just about decided to use a butterfly motif and filigree.

However.......guess what? I've never done an ostrich egg before. I do believe I have all the bits and such that I need, but I've only done a little carving with emu eggs. Anyone have any tips?

I would just dive into it, but she is a very special person in my life and want to do a good job for her.

I hope this is acceptable here. I know this is for gourds only, but with so many artists here, I hope no one minds my asking


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thanks for the tips, Bonnie. I thought about a possible need to wet certain burs and definately good dust protection.
It would be so cool to live close enough to use one of your high speed carvers. I was just checking out the Shofu at your site. ........one of these days....ONE of these days! window shopping can be painful.......LOL
My daughter in law asked me to do this for her and supplied one egg...UGH....so I will practice on emu eggs that I have. I know they are not quite the same but I think the practice will help to get me used to working with eggs. I've worked with goose eggs , but haven't done the extensive carving I want to do.
Hi Sandra

I did several Emu eggs (like four dozen) and loved them. Very dusty and you never want to breath that dust in! That said I cut my eggs with my Dremel using a Fiberglass heavy duty cutting disk. I could get about four eggs cut with one disk before it either broke or wore down to far to keep using. You do need as much speed for cutting as you can find. I used all the same bits for the eggs as I do for my gourd carving. With the exception of the Kutzall bits they're to aggressive for egg work. The double cut carbide burrs/bits cut smoother than single cut burrs and that saves on sanding.:)) There are many great books at the library on decorative egg work. Post pictures when your done.


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