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3-d paint comes in a squeeze bottle.  The paint is thick so it is quite easy to do single drops.  It just takes practice to create dots that are all about the same size and distance apart.  You can practice on scrap gourd pieces until you feel comfortable doing the the "real thing".  I freehand everything.  When I first starting using it I did it in small patches and let it dry before I added more.  Now I can do an entire gourd in one sitting.  If you make a mistake you can remove the paint while fresh but be careful and try not to create a wide smear path, or I usually wait until it is dry and you can scrap it off with an exacto knife.  It doesn't take long to dry but it does form a skin on the top while the inside remains soft for awhile longer.  Once it drys it sticks quite well.  I set a sample piece in the sun in the summer for over a week and the colors remained bright and it kept sticking well.  I'm going to add a picture of one of my Arizona Dreamtime gourds so you can see another sample of the 3-d paint.

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Hi Nora, I really like your Horned Lizards. Where can I purchase the 3D Dimensional Paint?



You can find it at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joanns (Walmart has a different brand and only very few color choices, but it works too.)  The brand that seems to be available now is "Scribbles".  It comes in a 1 oz  squeeze bottle.  Just look for the 3d on the label.   It was originally designed to use as a fabric paint so it may not be with the rest of the paints depending on the store..  If you can't find it with the other craft paints, check out the aisles that have fabric craft items.

Thank you for getting back with me. I will look for it the next time at Hobby Lobby.

It's with the fabric crafts vs. the paint section at the hobby lobby.


Hi Nora, I've been practicing but can't seem to just get a nice little round dot. I always have points on top. Any suggestions for me? Kudos, Vickie

As it drys the little point will sometimes go away, it depends on how thick the paint is.  It does seem to very from bottle to bottle a bit.  The other thing is that I don't have perfect round dots, they are sometimes more oval, sometimes have points but it doesn't seem to matter.  You'll drive yourself crazy trying to acheive perfect round drops.  Just try to acheive consistency so they are all (about) the same size and distance apart.  If you look closely at my work there are "mistakes" but as long as you are pretty consistant it will look fine.

You can find 3-d paint at Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby.  At hobby lobby it is in the section with other fabric paints etc.  At Michaels and Joanns I think it is in their regular paint section but can't remember for sure.  Walmart has a different brand but it comes in a very limited selection of colors and sometimes they only have giant bottles of it.

Thank you so much, Nora! You are right, I was driving myself crazy trying for perfect circles. I can go for it now!


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